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Upload your design or live URL and share your Bolt link to receive visual feedback
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how it works

No more email chains,
share feedback efficiently

Create better products by collecting feedback. It's that simple.
Upload graphic
Upload your design
Upload your design file or add your live URL to create a feedback board.
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Share with anyone
Create public or private feedback boards and control who you share your designs with.
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Collect feedback
Click once to leave feedback. Track all active and completed feedback in one place.
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Design boards

Upload an image or URL in seconds

Upload any design file or add a live URL to create your design board.

Add more pages to your feedback board and seamlessly switch between designs.


Collect feedback with one click

Use your generated Bolt link and share with anyone to begin collecting feedback.

Click on a design to leave feedback and keep all your feedback in one place. No mess, no confusion and no more endless emails.

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privacy controls

Share publicly or privately

Create public or private boards to control who you share your designs with.

Private boards are invite-only in order to keep your designs private. Public boards allow you to share your designs with anyone, using a simple link.

What our users say

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Harriet Zhao
Freelance UX/UI designer

"My clients ❤️ Bolt (and so do I). My feedback process is so much smoother and client feedback is easy to follow."

Thorben Hazard
Head of Product

"Stop what you're doing and join Bolt. Our collaboration has improved, we're more efficient and we're creating better products."

Sami Pershka
Founder, Jointribe

"I've used Bolt for 2 weeks now (early access) and it has changed my workflow completely. THANKS! 🙏🏻"

Ronnie Sawyer
CEO, Aries Design

"My design and development team use Bolt to bridge the communication gap. Bolt makes it effortless to pinpoint areas of discussion."

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Bolt is the fastest way to collect visual feedback on your design