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📈 V1.4
4th February 2021

• Jan was our most popular month yet!
• Fix for more URLs
• Fixed an issue which affected some stylesheets
• New homepage is live
• Reviews are now live
• Email notifications coming soon

❄️ V1.3
27th January 2021

• Guest commenting added
• Fix for some URLs issued
• Working on email notifications next!

❄️ V1.2
15th January 2021

• Issued a fixed for websites with a larger payload - they now load correctly.
• Improved load efficiency across the board so that new sites are generated faster.
• Editing comments now has a better UX.
• Early work on the notification system - when you have multiple pages, you will now see the number of active feedback points on each page.
• Comment formatting is now fixed ✅
• Guest commenting coming VERY soon.

🎄 V1.1
26th December 2020

• Adding comments to URL boards is now tied to elements for better accuracy.
• Clicking a feedback comment in the right-panel now scrolls to the number.
• Number of completed feedback comments is now visible.
• Various UX/UI improvements.
• Many bug fixes :)
• Testing guest commenting is underway!

🚀 V1.0
1st December 2020

• Launched
• Follow our Twitter for updates (

🏁 V0.9
9th November 2020

• Launched
• Stealth BETA for early signups
• Follow our Twitter for updates (

📅 Roadmap

UX/UI fixes (on-going)
Bug fixes (on-going)
Invite improvements
Email Notifications (next)
In-app Notifications
+much more